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  • TCP 2024 Digital Planner

TCP 2024 Digital Planner

Excluding Sales Tax

Welcome to the thrilling realm of TCP Digital! Our extraordinary digital planners bring you all the incredible features of our physical planners with some mind-blowing upgrades. Get ready to take your planning to the next level!


  • 1️⃣2️⃣ 12 MONTHS OF CONTENT -- Monthly Layouts, Weekly Layouts, Think Tank Pages, and Monthly Reflection Pages
    ✍️+🤔 MONTHLY REFLECTIONS -- Take time each month to review your 8 Dimensions of Life and reflect thoughtfully by answering corresponding questions. This practice will enhance the quality of your self-assessment and promote personal growth and development.

  • 🦵+⚽️ KICKOFF SECTION -- The initial pages of our planners include dedicated sections for optimizing the use of your Congruency Planner, comprehensively explaining Life's 8 Dimensions, conducting an Annual Kickoff Assessment, engaging in Kickoff Journal Prompts, and creating a Life Mapping strategy.

  • ✍️+🤔 END OF YEAR REFLECTIONS -- As the year comes to a close, you'll find the familiar journal prompts and an assessment wheel to reflect on how you and your world have evolved throughout the year. This retrospective tool allows you to appreciate the transformations and growth that took place.

  • 🎨+🧠 THINK TANK PAGES -- We’ve added space each month and week for you to dedicate to notes, making exciting weekend plans, or fresh or developing groundbreaking ideas each month and week!

  • 💪💼 The TCP Digital Experience - We've added hyperlinked tabs to help you stay organized and efficient as you plan and move week to week.

 The Congruency Planner is THE ultimate tool for those who strive to live a balanced and fulfilling life. We understand that life is more than work, school, and rest. We firmly believe in integrating all eight dimensions of our lives into our daily planning. With this principle in mind, we have meticulously crafted every aspect of The Congruency Planner to empower and motivate you on your journey. Let's embrace a life of harmony and purpose together!

TPC’s design focuses on addressing 8 dimensions of your life. These are your: 

  • Physical 🩻🧗‍♀️

  • Emotional 😀😅🤪😡

  • Financial 🤑

  • Spiritual 🧎

  • Occupational 💼📊

  • Home & Environment 🏡

  • Intellectual 🧑‍🎨📚🧩

  • Social 👯‍♀️🥳 .. life dimensions


Learn more about each of your life's dimensions HERE on our website.

    1. Open the email with the file. 
    2. Download that file. 
    3. Go to the app store.
    4. Download Goodnotes.
    5. Open the Goodnotes app. 
    6. Select New. 
    7. Select Import.
    8. Select the downloaded TCP Digital file. 
      1. If adding the file to a folder, select Add to New Document
    9. To use the hyperlinks and navigate around ensure you are in read-only mode.
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