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When will planners become available?

We are working with our manufacturer on fine-tuning the final details and are aiming for the end of February 2023 for pre-ordered planners to be shipped. Our kick-off product will be Undated TCP Weekly Planners so everyone gets a full year of pages no matter what day they purchase during our first year.

What are the planner sizes?

  • TCP Standards = US Letter Sized (8.5 x 11 inches)

More sizes will be announced by the Fall of 2023. At the moment we know we will offer a smaller pocket size and will offer other planner types (i.e. daily planners vs weekly planners)​

More info to come! Be sure to subscribe to our emails. We won't spam you but will give you the latest updates there.

I have an issue with my planner.

What do I do?

All of our planners can be returned to us within 10 days of purchase. Please email us at with a copy of your purchase receipt and a picture of the issue. We'll connect with you on the next steps to rectify the issue as soon as possible. We are aiming to return all inquires within 1 to 2 business days.

I heard there may be a brand ambassador program coming soon?

Yes! We are in the process of developing that program out. We are going to be looking for those with a great online presence and who have a passion for one or more of our dimensions. 

Will the be future job opportunities?

The simple answer is yes. More details to come on what roles will be available and how to apply towards the end of 2023.

My issue or question is not covered here. How do I get in contact with someone?

Feel free to email us at or message us on Facebook, Instagram, or on LinkedIn. We will respond as soon as we can. 

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