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Our Story

The Congruency Planner was created in the late fall of 2022 by Rayshaun Wagner, the Founder of TCP.

Rayshaun had spent years trying to get a grip on life; he often had many competing aspects and wanted to do his best to be there for others and himself 😣.


To try and get it together he tried using various planners 🗓️✍️👨‍💻


At times he would use one:

That was really great for school 📚

Other times, one that just helped him get his appointments all listed somewhere 🕛 ..🏃‍♂️💨...🏡

Or, even planners that helped him dream big 🛌💤

Worksheets that reminded him to (try) save money 💸

While those planners were great he always felt like something was missing each time when his priorities in his life changed. Each one had a focus on an aspect of his life but with a full time school program program, full time work, extracurricular school activities, passion projects, social life time, needing time to recuperate (read as sleep a long long time), and the seemingly never ending complications of ADHD, anxiety, stress, & trying to hold it all together.


You know it usually looks like this for most of us:

🌚 "You okay".. - Friend

🥸 "yup! Doing amazin!" - Yours Truly

🌚 "ok!..."...... 'that man knows he's tired but ard'


Life had become unmanageable and exhausting. And he didn't realize just how bad it was getting.

His body said enough!! And it forced him into a 3 month hiatus from life.

For 3 months straight, he spent each day relearning, reteaching, reliving, and reexamining every aspect of his life with a lot of support from close ones and professionals.

Towards the end of his experience, he had comprehensively addressed just about everything from his:

- Mental health;

- To his social & community life;

- To rediscovering or developing new interests & hobbies;

- To finding joy at the gym again;

- To eating better on a budget;

- All the way to figuring out the value and importance of what self-care & self-value meant and looked like for himself.

He ended that 3-month hiatus from the world with a great deal of gratitude & a feeling of greatness..... so what now?!


He was exhausted and tired from all the emotional, mental, and physical self-work he had done but he had this itching feeling that he needed to do something with the knowledge he gained to help others. 

After more days of self-reflection & journaling, he remembered that whole planner issue mentioned above, and his ADHD did its creative thing pulling in years of experiences & learning from a variety of places. After months of brainstorming, designing TCP page types by hand, redesigning them digitally, developing mockups, and business plans, the 1st weekly edition of The Congruency Planner was born 🥳

Thank you for joining The Congruency Planner's beginning!

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